Two Hundred Sit Ups

I am currently in the beginning of week 4 of the One Hundred Push Up program (I have a feeling week four is where the men get separated from the boys). I wandered over to Marcy's blog last week and saw her mention that this guy now has a Two Hundred Sit Up program up. Following her lead, I checked it out and had a couple of questions for the author. I shot him an email from his "About the Program" page, and I swear my finger was barely off the Send button before I got a response back. Hats off to Steve - great programs dude! If you haven't given these a look yet you should check them out - and maybe offer me some advice on getting past week four of the Push Up program.

Gee, that's all I can think to write about, slow news weekend.

E - A - G - L -E - S

See you in Arizona Baby!!!