Tag, You're It...

Thank you Flyers26. The "rules" say I need to give up 6 things about myself (his was a hard act to follow, I don't have any brushes with greatness):

(1) I am related to Eli Whitney, inventor of the famed cotton gin, through the branches of my mother's family tree (pretty weak, I know, that's as close as I get to fame)

(2) I was ranked #9 in a senior high school class of @250. After getting accepted to my college of choice I experienced a free fall that took me to #16 (had a lot of fun though).

(3) I met my wife when we were both sophomores in college and lived on the same floor of our dormitory. The first time we met I had my 4 1/2 foot pet boa constrictor around my neck.

(4) I have one tattoo that I got when I was 19 years old. It's not likely anyone here would ever see it unless you pissed me off to the point where I mooned you (sorry mom).

(5) I hate reality TV. Really hate it. I don't watch House, Grey's Anatomy, CSI or any of the other pop shows on TV. If it's not on the Tennis Channel or ESPN I've likely never seen it.

(6) I do read the occasional Stephen King novel, although I'm careful never to read two in a row, because I'm pretty sure I would start to weird out a little.

and a little extra...

(7) I was pretty sure at the beginning of last week that I would need to bail on my November marathon because of injury issues. After a week of therapy and a pep talk from my physical therapist Wednesday that would rival anything Vince Lombardi could have said, I think I'm pretty close to 90%. I'm going to have to scrap any thoughts of a time goal because of the training I missed, but at this point I am planning on being at the starting line on November 23rd.

OK, on with the tagging:

BlyFinn (love that picture of your son, cracks me up every time)

SuperDave (towing the line in the Smokey Mountains)

joyRuN (fellow Philadelphia Marathon trainee, 'nuff said)