I Broke Down and Ordered a Copy

How could you not? I've heard mixed reviews, most say it's pretty good. I've got Fall marathon fever - I'm reading all the race reports going around from everyone's October races, I'm slogging up the road of recovery to make it to the starting line of my own race. I even just finished UltraMarathon Man, my second Dean Karnazes book in about a month thanks to Ted. So it seemed almost inevitable that I buy a copy of this movie, given that it was released last week (don't know why I waited this long).

Just curious to see if anyone else has seen it yet? It made the rounds in limited movie theater engagements at the beginning of the year. I heard that the few theaters that were showing it were packed with crazy marathoners. The closest theater to me was still close to an hour away. Anyone have the skinny on this movie?