What a Fantastic Sunday

Start it off with an 18 mile run - 6:00am, 66 beautiful degrees, thank you hurricane Hannah for breaking the heat and humidity streak that has been plaguing my runs as of late. It wasn't the endorphin fest that was my 20 miler last week, but it was a solid run to prepare me for another 20 next weekend.

The US Open - Murray vs. Nadal in the US Open Semifinals, wow. This match started on Saturday, but was halted mid-match because of rain (again, thank you Hannah). I have never been a fan of Andy Murray - he has always come off as kind of a brat on the tennis court. But, like a lot of tennis fans Saturday/Sunday, I am a newly indoctrinated fan. Raphael Nadal has lately become the Goliath of the tennis world - the guy is a beast and has been able to own the once indomitable Federer. I NEVER would have called for Murray to win against Rafa, it was looking like another Rafa-Roger final. Thank you Andy Murray for pulling off the upset and shocking the tennis world - good luck on Monday, dude - may the force be with you.

The Eagles - Eagles vs. Rams at Lincoln Financial Field - wow. You want the season opener to be a good one but this exceeded expectations (38 - 3). Everyone in Philly is trying not to over hype DeSean Jackson but he had a great game. I am not going to say anything more because I know it's a certain jinx.

The Beach - topped off the day with a quick jaunt to Avon. Great day to be at the beach - huge post hurricane waves, lots of surfers, not a cloud in the sky. The Jersey Shore rocks - Mrs. Progman below (wow).